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Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection

Judicial System (DG R)

The directorate is responsible for the courts constitutions i.e. for Federal law regulations on the structure and organisation of the courts and public prosecution offices. The Directorate General's sphere of responsibility also includes the procedural rules for ordinary jurisdiction (i.e. the civil and criminal courts, including criminal investigation proceedings) as well as for administrative and financial jurisdiction. It also covers the law governing debt enforcement (including the law on compulsory sale by public auction) as well as insolvency law and the law governing court costs.

Statue of Justitia. Source: Thinkstock

Furthermore, Directorate General R is responsible for processes of extra judicial conflict resolution (mediation and arbitration in particular), for the law governing the legal professions (law relating to the judiciary and Rechtspfleger; professional law for lawyers, patent lawyers and notaries), for legal training, and for the law governing lawyers' fees. Directorate

General R also provides assistance for the further training of judges and public prosecutors, most notably within the scope of its responsibility for the German Judicial Academy (Deutsche Richterakademie). Current areas of focus include conceptual work on the legal examination of amendments to family court proceedings and proceedings in non contentious matters, criminal investigation proceedings and insolvency law, as well as amendments relating to the implementation of the EU Directive on the resolution of disputes arising from consumer contracts (ADR Directive), along with work on the modernisation of the law governing debt enforcement.

Beyond this, the project group that was set up in Directorate General R for the Reappraisal of the role of the judiciary and the judicial administration during the Nazi period is tasked with supervising the activities of the Independent Academic Commission at the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection for the Critical Study of the National Socialist Past which was established in 2012 to investigate continuities and breaks within the institution and its staff as well as in substantive aspects of the Ministry's legislative work, with a particular emphasis on the 1950s and 1960s. The political significance of this reappraisal project is communicated to the wider public, the project group taking particular care to involve groups persecuted under the Nazi regime.