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Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection

Commercial and Economic Law (DG III)

Directorate-General III (Commercial & Economic Law) is responsible for legislation in the area of commercial and company law, accounting and reporting law, insurance contract law, industrial property protection (patent law, utility model law, design law, trade mark law, the law against unfair competition), and copyright law. Furthermore, it is responsible for performing the scrutiny of draft legislation of all other Ministries in the fields of economic law, law of public finance, and tax law.

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Special mention should be made of its tasks in the field of the law governing the financial markets and in dealing with the financial and economic crisis since late 2008. Its work in the field of the law on new communications technologies and new technologies in the natural sciences also deserves particular attention.

More than any other Directorate-General, the remit of Directorate-General III is anchored in international developments and its work is determined by these developments. This is why a major focus of Directorate- General III is on participating in the work of the European Communities and the European Patent Organisation, as well as the United Nations and its specialised agencies. Important projects in this area include the fight against product piracy, the EU-level work to introduce a Community patent applicable throughout the EU, and the associated efforts to establish a European patent jurisdiction.