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Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection

The Institute for Eastern European Law

In its legal cooperation with the countries of Southern and Eastern Europe and Asia, the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection works in close partnership with the Institute for Eastern European Law.
The Institute was founded in 1957 in order to conduct ongoing research into legal developments in the previously socialist countries of Eastern Europe.

A globe. The Institute publishes the „Studies of the Institute for Eastern Law Munich“ and the „Report of Eastern Law“. Source: Thinkstock

Structured into 17 country divisions, it conducts fundamental research, draws up expert reports for German courts and authorities, issues a range of publications, provides legislative consultancy services to former socialist countries, and runs various research projects.

The Institute for Eastern European Law is the largest non-university research establishment to specialise in comparative law and foreign legal studies focusing on Eastern Europe. The 17 country divisions regularly monitor and document the latest developments in legislation, adjudication and research, and publish their results on a monthly basis in the Chronik der Rechtsentwicklung (“Chronicle of Legal Developments”) which appears in the journal Wirtschaft und Recht in Osteuropa (“Commerce and Law in Eastern Europe”). Thanks to its considerable knowledge of current issues in Eastern European law, the Institute is ideally positioned to provide courts and authorities in Germany and abroad with specialist reports on the legal situation in Eastern Europe. At the same time, its practice-oriented research projects serve to transfer knowledge to interested parties in the business and legal communities.

The Institute publishes the Studien des Instituts für Ostrecht München (“Studies of the Munich Institute for Eastern European Law”) and the Jahrbuch für Ostrecht (“Yearbook for Eastern European Law”). Its staff members are actively involved in consultancy projects in the former socialist states and teach at numerous universities in Germany and Eastern Europe. The networks they have cultivated with colleagues in Eastern Europe over several decades are a valuable asset in the Federal Republic's international legal cooperation work.