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Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection

Directorates General

Judicial System (DG R)

The directorate is responsible for the courts constitutions i.e. for Federal law regulations on the structure and organisation of the courts and public prosecution offices. More: Judicial System (DG R) …

Statue of Justitia. (Refers to: Judicial System (DG R))

Civil Law (DG I)

The work in Directorate-General I (Civil Law) centres on civil law, which governs the legal framework for private legal relationships between citizens in our liberal society. More: Civil Law (DG I) …

German Civil Code (Refers to: Civil Law (DG I))

Criminal Law (DG II)

Directorate-General II (Criminal Law) deals with the norms in our legal system which proscribe certain acts and make them subject to penalty or a non-criminal fine. More: Criminal Law (DG II) …

A dictionary, in which the word "Strafrecht" (Criminal Law) is marked. (Refers to: Criminal Law (DG II))

Commercial and Economic Law (DG III)

Directorate-General III (Commercial & Economic Law) is responsible for legislation in the area of commercial and company law. More: Commercial and Economic Law (DG III) …

Stacked Container.  (Refers to: Commercial and Economic Law (DG III))

Constitutional and Administrative Law; European and International Law (DG IV)

Directorate-General IV is responsible for Constitutional, Administrative Law, European and International Law. More: Constitutional and Administrative Law; European and International Law (DG IV) …

A world map made of pins. (Refers to: Constitutional and Administrative Law; European and International Law (DG IV))

Consumer Policy (DG V)

The main focus of Directorate-General V (Consumer Policy) is on protecting the interests of consumers in the legal and commercial spheres. More: Consumer Policy (DG V) …

A keyboard. On the enter key is a symbol of a shopping cart. (Refers to: Consumer Policy (DG V))